The ALEONOS LTD was founded in 2017 and is a young, innovative company, which has more than 10 years of experience in online business.

Our goal

Give you a professional strategy so that your business idea will be successful and you can grow your business into a successful company. We are all-rounders, our team and partners come from various business fields and bring a lot of knowledge.
Your success is important to us, because your success is also our success. Therefore it gives us much joy, when -with our help- you can grow step by step into a successful entrepreneur. We show dynamic ways, how you can start your business without the need of much seed money.
We provide a comprehensive Know-How in the areas of products, branding, development, company formation, taxes, optimization and internet marketing .

Your success

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Thanks to the Internet and globalization it has become easier to market a good product. This requires that you know the right tools. With the globalization of markets, people have the opportunity to promote your products directly. Without detours via sales representatives, major department stores, expensive trade fairs or any intermediary.

We have collected a lot of knowledge and information throughout our years of professional experience, we are happy to share it with you. With this knowledge, you can avoid many stumbling blocks and succesfully set your product in the market.

You can grow into a successful company with your product. You can offer customers your creative ideas or products in the global marketplace without large investment.


Recognition value

We help you to develop a brand and to visualize. We support you from the strategically matching colors to the design of the packaging.

Have you already established your products or your brand? If this is the case, we will handout a strategy with which you gradually realize your goals and professionally can market your products.

With low investment and without own storage you can grow into a large, dynamic company. Now you have your own brand name, your own product and you aspire to the heights. With the receipt of the first profit, you will inevitably encounter difficult accounting calculations and tax legislation issues.

Your brand is the basic building block of your future company


You can set up your company in any EU country, or even around the world, so why set it up in a country in which taxes are particularly high?

Before starting the enterprise we offer you a consultation. Here we will shed light on the possibilities of tax optimization, so that you could absolutely legally save on taxes.

Doesn’t matter if you sell digital products or tangible goods. You get information that was previously available only to large concerns. For complex cases, we have a first-class specialist who is well versed in complex tax issues and will be able to offer you the best solution.

From the very beginning, choose for your company location with the most suitable conditions. Depending on the field of activity, you can reduce your tax payments up to 0%.

Another business area of our company is the purchase and sale of products, brands and ideas. We also offer the financial participation in the development of a company.

Business participation

Equity: We become business partner/founder in your company and together manage and develop your company.

Have you developed a successful brand or a product? Do you want to sell it and work on new ideas? Sign up with us. We are glad to have a look into your project.

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